Cops N Robbers Mod APK 13.2.1 Unlimited Coins And Gems

Cops N Robbers Mod APK 13.2.1 Unlimited Coins And Gems

4.6 (277K)Action, Games

App Information of Cops N Robbers:Pixel Craft Gun

App Name Cops N Robbers:Pixel Craft Gun v13.2.1
Genre Action, Games
Latest Version13.2.1
Get it On Google Play
Package Namecom.joydo.minestrikenew
Rating 4.6 ( 277K )

Description of Cops N Robbers:Pixel Craft Gun

Cops N Robbers Mod APK 13.2.1 Unlimited Coins And Gems Free Download Latest Version Android Apk Mod Action Game.

Cops N Robbers Mod Apk is a game where you have to protect your city from robbers. You need to kill them before they rob your house. If you get caught robbing, then you will lose your money and you will have to start over again. So, you need to play this game carefully.

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1. What is Cops N Robbers Mod APK?
2. Cops N Robbers Mod APK 13.2.1 Unlimited Coins And Gems For Android
Game Features:
1.1 Cops N Robbers Capabilities
1.2 Cops N Robbers MOD APK + Money/ Coins
1.3 Additional information:
1.4 Mod Features:
Sound and Graphic:
How to Download and Install
Frequently asked questions
Cops N Robbers APK Mod Latest Version Free Download

What is Cops N Robbers Mod APK?


Cops n robbers mod apk is a game where you have to rob banks and police stations. You play as a cop who has to catch criminals and take them to jail. There are many levels and different types of missions. You can choose between stealth mode or normal mode. In normal mode, you can use weapons to kill enemies. In stealth mode, you don’t have any weapons. You just need to avoid being seen by the enemy. If you get caught, you lose points.

Cops N Robbers Mod APK 13.2.1 Unlimited Coins And Gems For Android

Cops n robbers mod apk is a game where you have to play cops and robbers. You need to catch the robber who is running away from the police. You can use different weapons to shoot them down. There are many levels in this game and you need to complete each level to unlock the next level. In order to get coins and gems, you need to play the game.

Cops N Robbers mod apk is a game where you have to play cops and robbers. You need to take down the criminals who are robbing banks and stealing money. You can use guns, cars, and even helicopters to help you get rid of them. There are different types of weapons in the game

Game Features:


– A realistic police simulation game where players take control of a rookie cop who’s just graduated from the academy. Your mission is to become a top cop in the city while trying to avoid getting caught robbing banks. You’ll have to work hard to earn money and buy new equipment.

– You’ll need to use your skills to solve crimes and catch criminals. Use your intuition to find clues and follow suspects.

– There are over 50 missions to complete, including bank robberies, drug busts, and car chases.

– Earn cash to upgrade your weapons, vehicles, and gear.

– Play solo or team up with friends online!

– Unlock achievements and compete with other players around the world.

– Compete in daily challenges and win rewards.

– Get help from your mentor officer and learn how to get ahead in the force.

– Customize your character with different hairstyles, tattoos, and clothing.

– Enjoy beautiful graphics and sound effects.

– Optimized for iPhone 5/5S and iPad 4th generation.

Cops N Robbers Capabilities


The cops have many tools at their disposal. These tools range from handcuffs, tasers, guns, and even helicopters. However, they are not always effective. If you are caught red handed, you may find yourself facing jail time.

Robbers are criminals who commit crimes using force. They use weapons to rob people of their valuables. They often steal money, jewelry, and cars. Robbers are known to break into houses, offices, and vehicles.

Weapons are items that can be used to harm someone else. Guns are some of the most popular types of weapons. Other types of weapons include knives, swords, axes, baseball bats, and clubs.

Cops N Robbers MOD APK + Money/ Coins


Cops N Robbers MOD Apk is a game where you have to rob banks and police stations to get money and coins. You need to steal money from the bank and then use it to buy weapons and tools to help you rob the police station. You can unlock different characters and choose their appearance. There are many levels in the game and each level has its own difficulty. You can play the game offline without any internet connection.

Additional information:


Step 1: Cut out two pieces of cardboard about 2 inches wide by 4 inches long. Glue them together along their edges. Make sure they’re glued well enough so that they don’t move around.

Step 2: Cut out a piece of tape roughly the same size as the opening of the box. Put the tape over the edge of the box, then put the box back together.

Step 3: Cut out four pieces of rope each about 6 feet long. Tie one end of each rope to the top of the box.

Mod Features:


1. Cops N Robbers Mod features a fully functional police station where you can call in SWAT teams to raid any house or building. You can even set up checkpoints to stop cars and search them for drugs. There’s also a jailhouse where you can lock up suspects and use force if necessary.

2. A fully functioning bank where you can deposit money and withdraw cash at any time.

3. A fully functioning casino where you can gamble away your hard earned cash.

4. A fully functioning hospital where you can heal yourself after being shot or stabbed.

5. A fully functioning fire department where you can put out fires and rescue people who have fallen down manholes.

Sound and Graphic:


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How to Download and Install


1. Downloading

Downloading is the first step in installing any app. You need to download the APK file (Android) or IPA file (iOS). To do this, go to Google Play Store or App Store on your mobile device. Search for the app name and tap on the install button. If you don’t have either of these apps installed, follow the steps below to get them.

2. Installing

After downloading the APK file or IPA file, open the file using your favorite file manager. Tap on the icon that looks like three stacked lines. Then tap on ‘install’. Wait for the installation process to complete.

3. Uninstalling

To uninstall the app, tap on the app’s icon again. Tap on ‘Uninstall’ option. Tap on confirm if prompted.

4. Updating

Updates are released periodically to fix bugs and improve performance. Updates are free. However, some updates may require you to re-download the app. Follow the same procedure as above to update the app.

Frequently asked questions


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Cops N Robbers APK Mod Unlocked Latest Version Free Download


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